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Customer expectations are always evolving—and so is your business.
That’s why enterprise customer service software needs to be flexible.
Whether you’re a high-growth innovator or an established company undergoing transformation, we can help.

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The Sparkly for
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As an enterprise organization with a large, diverse customer base, you need tools that can do it all—segment, personalize, and respond to customers on their preferred channels so you can maintain loyalty for the long haul.

Using software at organizations larger than average, brings problems of different magnitudes. Our team knows beyond the limits of Zendesk. And is ready to fulfill your needs. And when the solution isn't there yet, we're set-up to quickly build a solution for your enterprise.

Scale up your workflow

A large, dispersed company means managing multiple agents and their many unique skill sets. Sparkly gives you the flexibility to customize your Zendesk with tools like advanced retention policies, macro guidance, spam management and many more features you need to solve any problem.

Here at Sparkly we're taking on enterprise needs. Handling Millions of deletions, thousands of processes or single tickets in Zendesk. We have everything in place to get you hooked-up.

Get on the same page

The bigger the company, the more complex your operations are. We know enterprise businesses like the back of our hand. That means lower turnaround time, less frustration, and faster solutions for you and your teams.

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