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Do you know how agents use your Macros?

Agents use Macros all the time to have more efficient conversations. With Macro Usage you now also know how agents are using those Macros.

Improvement Score
Macro Usage in Zendesk gives you insights on which Macros need to be improved. That’s calculated by Improvement Score.

All from within your safe-and-secure Zendesk domain.

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Bulk Management - Search, filters and activation

With Macro Suite’s bulk management features you’re able to (de)activate a lot of Macros. Or just use search and filters for when you need to access the same set of Macros all the time.

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Find your expensive tickets

To learn which tickets take the most time, and are most expensive, you have to do Quality Research.

Not anymore. With Ticket Assessment you instantly find your tickets that had manual actions by your agents.

Agents are replacing parts of sentences in Macros over and over again

Remember that amazing Macro that you created? The one with the bold formatted text that agents need to replace. But in practice agents are under pressure and forget it.. no more!

Agent Assist
Macro Suite has Agent Assist. This helps your agent write better responses to your customer.

Who uses Personal Macros?

Let’s face it, your agents have Personal Macros, but other than your gut.. No proof. Today’s the day when you start seeing which agents have Personal Macros. And you can easily turn them in to a Shared Macro.

To put the cherry on top, you can send a message to all those agents that have active personal macros.

Export & Import

When you need to have the Marketing or brand team check all the copy, the Export/Import features are here for you.

Translating Macros
Translate Macros in a heartbeat. With Exporting it’s easy to select the category you need to translate.

Widely used formats available (JSON, CSV or XLSX). Share with the translation team. And then re-import it back in to Zendesk.

From Sandbox to Production
Or use the app when you want to test your workflows in your Sandbox before you move them to production.

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