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Losing time and blocking headspace to get relevant order data?

Agents often need to access order-related information to help a customer.

Free your agent's mind and show all relevant order data of the customer in an instant.

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Are your agents copy-pasting from Excel sheets?

To keep your customer satisfied and protect the brand experience agents need tools. For E-commerce teams that means Vouchers.

With Voucher Code in E-commerce Suite, agents can give out unique codes to each customer to ease the pain. Admins easily control what values are available for use.

Agents are replacing parts of sentences in Macros over and over again

Remember that amazing Macro that you created? The one with the bold formatted text that agents need to replace. But in practice agents are under pressure and forget it.. no more!

E-commerce Suite has Agent Wizard. This helps your agent write better responses to your customer.

Do unexpected events negatively impact your CSAT and decline agents' morale?

Let’s face it, your Customer Service team usually solves problems created by others. When you want to send a proactive message you have to go to Marketing. And rely on their availability, before you inform your customer. No more.

Proactive Bulk Tickets in E-Commerce Suite presents you with all the options you need. Start the conversation and inform your customers in bulk ánd keep it all in Zendesk.

Do your agents constantly open 27 tabs to access different systems.

To get answers for your customers, agents use different systems all the time. From Backoffice to Payment service providers.

With Shortcuts in E-commerce Suite, agents op that info easily. And straight on the customers’ page in the external system.

Handling requests outside your Payment Service Providers timeframe? Like refund and warranty claims..

Usually, the more time progresses, the more difficult things get. For example Stripe no longer allows your agent to do a refund after a certain time. So manual refund needs to take place by the finance team. That means a lot of back and forth with the finance team, with a lot of PII data.

E-commerce Suite presents you Manual Refunds. This lets your agent work together with your finance team and customer. And keep everybody sane all at once.

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